Aurovue Material Property

Aurolab has both the material and technology in design to be counted amongst the best in the world. The most important attribute in an IOL is its optical clarity. Optical clarity is determined by physical properties such as Transmittance, Clarity and Haze of the material. Aurolab’s Aurovue Hydrophobic material scores high on all these parameters.

  1. Transmittance 90-92% (higher the better)
  2. Clarity – 99% (higher the better)
  3. Haze – 1.5% (lower the better)
These industry topping parameters make Aurovue an outstanding material for IOL use in addition to its -
  • Excellent bio-adhesion
  • Glistening free optic
  • Low Chromatic aberration
  • Low glass transition temperature
  • Controlled unfolding
  • High bio-compatibility

Glistening free optic avoids unexpected glare to patients and an unpleasant feeling for the doctors during post op examination and hindrance while examining posterior segment.

Optical Clarity

Proprietary techniques for highly pure monomers result in over 99% clarity. It has direct relevance to how well a patient can see and their satisfaction.

Chromatic Aberration

Higher Abbe number of 55 - Allows the patients to enjoy sharp colour perceptions.

Glass Transition Temperature

8° - This factor determines the flexibility, unfolding and injectability of the IOL, all of which enhance the surgeons feel under controlled environment. Aurovue’s unfolding time of 11 seconds is noted as best in class.

Bio Adhesion

This factor is essential in delivering the surgeons promise of nil PCO for the patients.